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Commercial Landlord Liable for Tenant’s Actions?

HagenowWho is on the Hook? A common question that we receive is whether the owner (landlord) of a commercial property can be held liable for damages to a third party that are caused by the actions of a tenant. As with most anything in the law the answer to this question will depend on the particular facts and circumstances surrounding the situation. read more…


Just Sue ’em!

HagenowAlthough the linked case does not involve a business dispute, the procedural history serves as a cautionary tale to business owners and all other people who think litigation is the magic pill that will quickly cure and resolve a business dispute. In the case of Moore v. Ford, the accident occurred on December 20, 2001, the lawsuit filed in May, 2003, and the Indiana Supreme Court just sent it back to the trial court for a new trial. read more…


Why Lien Searches Are Important

HagenowHere is a link about a recent case where the Indiana Court of Appeals held that a secured creditor could obtain pre-judgment possession of its collateral, despite the fact that the borrower had sold that collateral to a third party. The Court rejected the idea that the buyer could rely upon the statements of others concerning whether there were any liens attached to the property being sold. The buyer never contacted the lienholder. read more…


Business Partners are Like Spouses

HagenowWhen deciding to go into business with a partners or partners, people need to be aware that in many ways a business partner is like a spouse. Business owners who succeed together do not need to always agree, but the successful owners have a relationship of trust, respect, equal division of effort, willingness to compromise, and an equal willingness to stick together through the rough times. read more…

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