About Us

Most established law firms are capable and do a good job. But being capable is not enough for us. At Blackwell, Burke & Ramsey, P.C., we address the everchanging needs of our business clients with a unique passion for innovative approaches, fast response and solid results—always fixing our eyes on the final goal. This singular focus makes us different, and that difference puts invaluable problem-solving capabilities at our clients’ disposal.

We have over 25 years of experience in local and high-profile business bankruptcy and commercial litigation cases. While you may think that particular expertise labels us as “bankruptcy attorneys,” we think differently. Who better to structure new business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions than a firm that has seen the problems involved when a deal goes bad? Our experience in bankruptcy cases and transactions has given us concrete, first-hand knowledge needed to lay strong foundations for new and growing companies. When you take enough businesses apart, you learn better than anyone else how to avoid the pitfalls when putting one together.

It’s not often that attorneys offering comprehensive business law services also litigate. In both state and federal courts, our attorneys litigate in a variety of commercial practice areas. And that makes us different. When you come to Blackwell, Burke & Ramsey, P.C., you are not passed around from lawyer to lawyer. You will likely work with the same attorney—a highly experienced attorney—who is responsive to your questions and concerns. Different. At Blackwell, Burke & Ramsey, P.C., we are focused on the goal, and we think strategically to get there. We are not just different to be different, we are different to achieve better results. And that should make a difference to you.